Petaflops to Exaflops

[“Computer scientists often refer to the speed of a computer in “flops” – floating point operations per second.  The fastest computers are just this year breaking the petaflop barrier (quadrillions of operations per second — 10^15).”  Spectrums, Chapter 1]

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has completed deployment of the world’s fastest computer, a 20-petaflop supercomputer called Titan that consists of over 37,000 computing processors and 700 terabytes of memory housed in 200 server cabinets. Titan is more than 10 times faster than its predecessor called Jaguar, which was deployed in 2009. Titan’s unprecedented computing power supports scientific research by enabling more realistic simulations and experiments in areas such as the biosciences, climate, energy, and space.

What’s next? Exaflop performance (about 1000 petaflops) expected to be achieved by 2018!

Learn more here.

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